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SEC Filings

FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES, INC. filed this Form 425 on 05/13/2019
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Worldpay, Inc.



The final purchase price allocation is as follows (in millions):


Cash acquired

   $ 569.9  

Current assets (1)


Property, equipment and software


Intangible assets




Other non-current assets


Current liabilities (2)


Long-term debt (3)


Deferred tax liability


Non-current liabilities





Total purchase price

   $ 11,875.5  






Includes $1,944.9 million of merchant float and $511.1 million of other restricted cash.


Includes $118.6 million of dividend payable to reflect the special dividend granted to the shareholders of Legacy Worldpay.


Includes $1,631.0 million of debt which was paid off subsequent to the completion of acquisition.

Intangible assets primarily consist of customer relationship assets, internal-use software and a trade name with weighted average estimated useful lives of 6.7 years, 6.5 years and 10 years, respectively.

For the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017, the Company incurred transaction expenses of approximately $120.9 million and $36.7 million, respectively, in conjunction with the Acquisition. All transaction costs incurred for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017 are included in general and administrative expenses on the accompanying Consolidated Statements of Income.

Under the terms of the Legacy Worldpay transaction agreement, the Company replaced equity awards held by certain employees of Legacy Worldpay. The fair value of the replacement awards was approximately $82.4 million. The portion of the fair value of the replacement awards related to the services provided prior to the acquisition of approximately $44.2 million was part of the consideration transferred to acquire Legacy Worldpay. The remaining portion of the fair value is associated with future service and will be recognized as expense over the future service period.

With regard to revenue and earnings of Legacy Worldpay since the Acquisition date, the Company has made significant progress in integrating the acquired Legacy Worldpay operations and has undergone a business transformation which impacts the ability to provide separate reporting for Legacy Worldpay. As a result, the Company believes that disclosure related to amounts of revenues and earnings of Legacy Worldpay since the acquisition date is now impractical.


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