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SEC Filings

FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES, INC. filed this Form 425 on 05/13/2019
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Net Revenue

Net revenue in this segment decreased 6% to $335.8 million for the year ended December 31, 2017 from $358.8 million for the year ended December 31, 2016. The decrease during the year ended December 31, 2017 was due to the deconversion of a major client and approximately $8.1 million relating to compression from the Fifth Third contract renewal.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing expense decreased 5% to $23.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2017 from $24.3 million for the year ended December 31, 2016.

Liquidity and Capital Resources

Our liquidity is funded primarily through cash provided by operations, debt and a line of credit, which is generally sufficient to fund our operations, planned capital expenditures, tax distributions made to our non-controlling interest holders, required payments under our TRA agreements, debt service and acquisitions. As of December 31, 2018, our principal sources of liquidity consisted of $196.5 million of cash and cash equivalents and $1.20 billion of availability under the revolving portion of our senior secured credit facilities. Our total indebtedness, including capital leases, was $7.9 billion as of December 31, 2018.

We have approximately $93 million of share repurchase authority remaining as of December 31, 2018 under a program authorized by the board of directors in October 2016 to repurchase up to an additional $250 million of our Class A common stock. On February 20, 2019, our board of directors authorized a program to repurchase up to an additional $500 million of our Class A common stock bringing our total share repurchase availability to $593 million.

Purchases under the repurchase programs are allowed from time to time in the open market, in privately negotiated transactions, or otherwise. The manner, timing, and amount of any purchases are determined by management based on an evaluation of market conditions, stock price, and other factors. The share repurchase programs have no expiration date and we may discontinue purchases at any time that management determines additional purchases are not warranted.

In connection with our IPO, we entered into the Exchange Agreement with Fifth Third, under which Fifth Third has the right, from time to time, to exchange their units in Worldpay Holding for shares of our Class A common stock or, at our option, cash. If we choose to satisfy the exchange in cash, we anticipate that we will fund such exchange through cash from operations, funds available under the revolving portion of our senior secured credit facilities, equity financings or a combination thereof.

We do not intend to pay cash dividends on our Class A common stock in the foreseeable future. Worldpay, Inc. is a holding company that does not conduct any business operations of its own. As a result, Worldpay, Inc.’s ability to pay cash dividends on its common stock, if any, is dependent upon cash dividends and distributions and other transfers from Worldpay Holding. The amounts available to Worldpay, Inc. to pay cash dividends are subject to the covenants and distribution restrictions in its subsidiaries’ loan agreements.

In addition to principal needs for liquidity discussed above, our strategy includes investing in and leveraging our integrated business model and technology platform, broadening and deepening our distribution channels, entry into new geographic markets and development of additional payment processing services. Our near-term priorities for capital allocation include debt reduction, investing in our operations to support organic growth, and share repurchases. Long-term priorities remain unchanged and include investing for growth through strategic acquisitions and returning excess capital to shareholders.

We anticipate that to the extent that we require additional liquidity, it will be funded through the incurrence of other indebtedness, equity financings or a combination thereof. We cannot assure you that we will be able to obtain this additional liquidity on reasonable terms, or at all. Additionally, our liquidity and our ability to meet our obligations and fund our capital requirements are also dependent on our future financial performance, which is subject to general economic, financial and other factors that are beyond our control. Accordingly, we cannot assure you that our business will generate sufficient cash flow from operations or that future borrowings will be available under our credit facilities or otherwise to meet our liquidity needs. If we decide to pursue one or more significant acquisitions, we may incur additional debt or sell additional equity to finance such acquisitions.


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