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FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES, INC. filed this Form 425 on 05/13/2019
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Industry Background

Electronic Payments

Electronic payments have evolved globally into a large and growing market with favorable secular trends that continue to increase the adoption and use of card-based payment services, such as those for credit, debit and prepaid cards.

This growth is driven by the shift from cash and checks towards card-based and other electronic forms of payment due to their greater convenience, security, enhanced services and rewards and loyalty features. We believe emerging trends, such as the adoption of new technologies and business models, including the growth of card-not-present (CNP) transactions in eCommerce and mobile commerce and prepaid services, will also continue to drive growth in electronic payments.

Payment Processing Industry

The payment processing industry is comprised of various processors that create and manage the technology infrastructure that enables electronic payments. Payment processors help merchants and financial institutions develop and offer electronic payment solutions to their customers, facilitate the routing and processing of electronic payment transactions and manage a range of supporting security, value-added and back office services. In addition, many large banks manage and process their card accounts in-house. This is collectively referred to as the payment processing value chain.

Many payment processors specialize in providing services in discrete areas of the payment processing value chain, which can result in merchants and financial institutions using payment processing services from multiple providers. A limited number of payment processors have capabilities or offer services in multiple parts of the payment processing value chain. We provide solutions across the payment processing value chain as a merchant acquirer, payment network, and as an issuer processor, primarily by utilizing our innovative technology to enable our clients to easily access a broad range of payment processing services as illustrated below:


The payment processing value chain encompasses three key types of processing:



Merchant Acquiring Processing. Merchant acquiring processors sell electronic payment acceptance, processing and supporting services to merchants and third-party resellers. These processors route transactions originated by consumer transactions with the merchant, including in omni-channel environments that span point-of-sale, eCommerce and mobile devices, to the appropriate payment networks for authorization, known as “front-end” processing, and then ensure that each transaction is appropriately cleared and settled into the merchant’s bank account, known as “back-end” processing. Many of these processors also provide specialized reporting, back office support, risk management and other value-added services, such as fraud prevention, to merchants. Merchant acquirers charge merchants based on a percentage of the transaction value, a specified fee per transaction or a fixed fee, or a combination. Merchant acquirers pay the payment network processors a routing fee per transaction and pass through interchange fees to the issuing financial institution.


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