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SEC Filings

FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES, INC. filed this Form 425 on 05/17/2019
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(g) Blue Sky Compliance. The Company will qualify the Securities for offer and sale under the securities or Blue Sky laws of such jurisdictions as the Representatives shall reasonably request and will continue such qualifications in effect so long as required for distribution of the Securities; provided that the Company shall not be required to (i) qualify as a foreign corporation or other entity or as a dealer in securities in any such jurisdiction where it would not otherwise be required to so qualify, (ii) file any general consent to service of process in any such jurisdiction or (iii) subject itself to taxation in any such jurisdiction if it is not otherwise so subject.

(h) Earnings Statement. The Company will make generally available to its security holders and the Representatives as soon as practicable an earnings statement that satisfies the provisions of Section 11(a) of the Securities Act and Rule 158 of the Commission promulgated thereunder covering a period of at least twelve months beginning with the first fiscal quarter of the Company occurring after the “effective date” (as defined in Rule 158) of the Registration Statement.

(i) Clear Market. During the period from the date hereof through and including the Closing Date, the Company will not, without the prior written consent of the Representatives, offer, sell, contract to sell or otherwise dispose of any debt securities issued or guaranteed by the Company and having a tenor of more than one year other than the Securities.

(j) Use of Proceeds. The Company will apply the net proceeds from the sale of the Securities as described in each of the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Information and the Prospectus under the heading “Use of Proceeds.”

(k) Clearstream and Euroclear. The Company will assist the Underwriters in arranging for the Securities to be eligible for clearance and settlement through Clearstream and Euroclear.

(l) No Stabilization. The Company will not take, directly or indirectly, any action designed to or that could reasonably be expected to cause or result in any stabilization or manipulation of the price of the Securities. The Company hereby authorizes Barclays Capital PLC, in the case of the Sterling Notes, and J.P. Morgan Securities plc, in the case of the Euro Notes, in their respective role as stabilizing manager (the “Stabilizing Manager”). The Stabilizing Manager for its own account may, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and directives, over-allot and effect transactions with a view to supporting the market price of the Securities at a level higher than that which might otherwise prevail, but in doing so the Stabilizing Manager shall act as principal and not as agent of the Company and any loss resulting from overallotment and stabilization shall be borne, and any profit arising therefrom shall be beneficially retained, by the Stabilizing Manager. However, there is no assurance that the Stabilizing Manager (or persons acting on behalf of the Stabilizing Manager) will undertake any stabilization action or that stabilization will necessarily occur. Nothing contained in this paragraph shall be construed so as to require the Company to issue in excess of the aggregate principal amount of Securities specified in Schedule 1 hereto. Such stabilization, if commenced, may cease at any time and shall be conducted by the Stabilizing Manager in accordance with all applicable laws and directives.