Our products

Our products and services are reliable, flexible, secure and innovative and all aimed at improving the business outcomes of our customers. Worldpay not only improves how payments are processed but we also give our customers an accurate and real-time grasp of their business performance across multiple channels.

We have three broad product categories:

Digital payments

We provide our customers access to our global payments network through a variety of mechanisms allowing their consumers to make payments across multiple channels, whether in-store, online or through mobile devices.

In-store payment capture

These include traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals and ‘virtual terminals’ that allow processing of payments over the phone using web-based technology.

Online, mobile and multi-channel payment capture

These products include a variety of online payment gateways, each suited to different types of business need or location and are equipped to handle millions of different types of transactions every day.

Worldpay provides a range of either standalone or integrated multi-channel systems that can act as a hosted, omni-channel payments service, providing in-store, online and mobile payments over terminal hardware, websites and apps in a bundled service.

Worldpay also offer a proprietary suite of online products focused on the developer community, which allow for easy and feature rich integration into web pages for third parties and pay-as-you-go mobile terminals linked to a smart phone.

Alternative payments

In world where conventional payment models are no longer the default, we enable our customers to accept over 326 alternative payment methods outside the global card schemes and to process payments in 126 different transaction currencies. Our local expertise across our chosen markets allows us to tailor our services to the needs of our customers in an environment where payment methods are diverse, ranging from mobile carrier payments, signed and unsigned direct debits, recurring payments, e-wallets, offline/online/real-time bank transfers, cash on delivery, cheques, subscriptions, bill payments and e-banking.

Value-adding services

Worldpay also provides a range of additional payment-based services including fraud and risk management, treasury management and FX services and business insights capabilities (including payment analytics, acceptance optimisation and business management software). Being able to drive up transaction acceptance rates is one of the main ways in which Worldpay can help customers increase their sales. Payment driven data insights enable customers to make better business decisions and become more efficient and effective.

In addition, in the WPUS division Worldpay operates ATM processing services, including transaction processing for cash dispensing, account deposit services and certain advanced services, such as bill payment and mobile top up, to third-party organisations that own or deploy ATMs.

Worldpay has an exciting pipeline of additional value-adding services in pilot and development.

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